Hi my name is, Travis Frisinger, and I started TDD Buddy in 2016 as a way to converting my long history with the practice into pragmatic insights other could benefit from.

Some of these insights include:

  • Always read the code before you refactor it - this reflection is often when the simple yet effictive refactorings become visible.
  • Stages of naming - its hard to find good names and that's ok.
  • TDD Gears : A model for learning and understanding the practice.

TDD Buddy is not a site focused on the how-to of learning TDD, there are plenty of great courses out there to help you get bootstrapped in your language and framework of your choice. I provide insights for your journey, but never a map of it.

If you would like a map here is a great course in C# that I wrote based on this site!   It is presented by my good friend Brendon Page

TDD Buddy captures insights into this software design practice that are aimed at both correctness of code and efficiency of personal workflow.

For instance, I find it beneficial for breaking down tickets into interruptible sized chunks. In other words, I can tackle a portion of a problem, aid someone with their predicament, and resume working on my issue with minimal disruption. This method can prove invaluable in team leadership or mentorship scenarios.

Overall, TDDBuddy is a project with the goal of providing richer insights into the practice of TDD. It serves as a body of knowledge from those who have forged the path, as well as incorporating some of my own experiences.